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We offer only the absolute best Burgalry Alarm in the marketplace and this ELK Products.


We exclusively use ELK™ for all Commercial and Home burglary / intrusion and automation, which gives our clients access to control devices from a mobile device anywhere in the world.


ELK may be used for isolated programmable devices, like thermostats and sprinkler systems, but where ELK shines is in the complexity of the design. Also Hack-Proof, hacker magazine 2600 identified Elk as the hackers perfect alarm system. Using Elk in home or office gives the use the flexibility of remote access, programmed codes for guests, janitorial etc. Automation Controls for interior or exterior lighting, garage opening, gate access, access control, including fire and heat detection, and water / gas shut off. Every insurance company is familiar with Elk, what you save in premiums will make the investment in Elk nearly free after a few years. The greatest flexibility of ELK is its scale ability, we can install the M1 Gold Panel and add automations over time. This allows for greater budget control.


We also offer Access Control, Intercoms, specialty IT interfaces and a variety of custom designed products to fit your specific need.

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