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Our strategic relationship with PlateSmart puts you in possession of one the most advanced License Plate Readers available in the United States. Licensed to each client, and billed as part of your monthly monitoring services, you can rest assured that any vehicle approaching the gate or thats driven by the residence or carport, has been captured by this advance software. Some of the advances features include:

• Programmable License Plates

Allow some licenses plates, like the gardner, to pass without alert, making sure those that aren't familiar signal the alarm.

• Home burglary crews often park down the street, making several passes in front of the home to see whose home or what kind of security is in place. In the event of a burglar, your license plate reader will be able to help law enforcement track down the burglars.

• Cloud storage of your images.

• Instant playback based on the license plate itself, this allows either the monitoring company to instantly see all the cameras at the time a particular license plate was captured.

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