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We exclusively recommend Elk Products for home automation and advanced security protection.

A complete home system starts at $4,500.00 plus installation. It's design is for estate level homes or commercial buildings. Some of the features that you can control from your handheld or mobile device, or interior key pad include:

• Arm & Disarm via Mobile App

• Turn interior or exterior lights on/off

• Open / Close Garage Doors

• Turn on / off sprinklers, waterfalls etc.

• Turn on / off Jacuzzi or Pool Pumps

• Turn on / off Jacuzzi or Pool Lights

• Open / Close Private Gates

Elk also features:

• Notification of programmable sensors.

Example: You have laser fencing, Elk can be programmed to only alter you via text or audio signal when its breach, or send a silent message to the central station who then checks your surveillance to determine the threat.

• Full Integration with Fire / Heat / Co2 / Water Sensors. We use specialized sensors that intergrate into your existing fire control panel. They can detect heat set for a certain temperature, or Co2 (Carbon Monoxide), or potential flooding.

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